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Auto-Moto Credit

This is a personal loan allocated to the purchase of a vehicle (car or motorcycle). Its rate varies according to the value, the duration of the credit allocated, but also the type of gear purchased (for a new car, the rate may be higher than that obtained for a used car). The longer the credit period is short, the lower the rate and therefore the lower the cost. The rates charged are between 2.5% and 10% in 2017.
What is our offer?
It is advisable to compare several offers in order to choose the best one. When the APR (Global Annual Effective Rate) is not fixed, it can cause several problems and push the borrower into debt. In At Elite Global Finance we give you the opportunity to have credit with a fixed and stable APR to avoid future inconvenience. It is also advisable to inquire on the conditions related to the credit (possibility of postponement of monthly payments or modification of the date of payment).

Consumer credit

Consumer CreditThis is a personal loan allocated to the needs of the borrower (it is not tracked by Elite Global Finance ). Its rate varies according to the amount of the credit. No details will be asked about this type of credit. What are we doing?
The reasons for this type of credit are often personal. Elite Global Finance makes available to its customers the resources necessary for a quick acquisition of funds. If the conditions are met the deadline waiting time is 72 hours. However this time can be exceeded in case of technical problems.

At Elite Global Finance

you have the opportunity to subscribe to other kinds of credit; leasing, mortgage as well as renegotiation and consolidation of your credits. So you can ask for a free estimate at the level of our customer service. This quote will include the TEG (Global Effective Rate) or TIE (Economic Interest Rate) which is used in accordance with the international accounting standard IAS / FRS whose calculation is based on the time between two deadlines.

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